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Monday, 09 January 2012 14:32 Geri Maki

How to Join Venturing Crew 498

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Complete an Application – Paper copies available at the Council Office or from Geri

Cost $25 for non Boy Scouts, free for Boy Scouts as a duel registration with Troop and Crew.

Annual Health and Medical Form – Part A, B and C annually for all events that do not exceed 72 hrs, full application for High Adventure activities.


Venturing Crew 498 T-shirt

Cost $13.50 Med $15.00 all other sizes

Venturing Crew Dues

Cost $75 ($37.50 in Sept and $37.50 in March) No additional dues for Troop 498 members since you already paid $150 ($75 in Sept and $75 in March)

Dues cover application, use of troop equipment, advancement, basic first aid training - $50, CPR/AED - $53 and Wilderness First Aid training - $90

Geri Maki, Crew Advisor

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