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Been there, done that, more tomorrow...

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National High Adventure
  • General Information   ( 1 Article )

    Northern Tier - Register by calling (218)365-4811

    Philmont - Register online between Oct 30 and Dec 4, 2012 for 2014

    Sea Base - Regester online between Jan 15 and Feb 15, 2013 for 2014

    National Camps Cost Comparison – 2012

  • Northern Tier   ( 5 Articles )

    Northern Tier information - Packing list - Activities

    Northern Tier Grace

    For Food
    For Raiment
    For Life
    For Opportunity
    For Sun and Rain
    For Water and Portage Trails
    For Friendship and Fellowship
    We Thank Thee, O Lord

  • Philmont   ( 3 Articles )

    Philmont information - Packing list - Activities

    Philmont Grace
    For food, for raiment
    For life, for opportunity
    For friendship and fellowship
    We thank thee, O Lord
  • Sea Base   ( 3 Articles )

    Sea Base information - Packing list - Activities

    Sea Base Grace

    Bless the Creature of the sea,

    Bless this person I call me,

    Bless these Keys, You made so grand,

    Bless the sun that warms this land,

    Bless the fellowship we feel,

    As we gather for this meal.